Sell & Swap from
people nearby you

Bartr is hassle-free
& simple to use


Just snap some photos of your item and show them to thousands of local people.


See something you like? Swipe left to ask for an exchange or right to offer a price.


Accept an offer you like with one touch.


Decide all the details with the other person and seal the deal!

Snap a photo and start selling or exchanging instantly.

Showcasing your items only takes a couple of seconds and all the people in your area will be able to see them and make offers immediately. After this step, you're also ready to start seeing what other people want to exchange or sell and make offers to them!

Swipe left to exchange it with one of your items.

If you found something you like and you think the other person could feel the same about one of your items, simply swipe left and you'll be able to offer an exchange!

Swipe right to make an offer for items nearby you.

If you think the other person would be more impressed by a cash offer, you can do that too by swiping right and letting them know what you think is a fair value.

Accept offers and start chating securely and privately.

We care about your privacy so others will only have access to your item's information before you accept their request. By building a community, we also actively prevent spammers and time-wasters.