Frequently Asked Question

What can I do on Bartr?

Bartr is an easy digital classifieds platform to sell and swap your belongings quickly. You can create your listing quickly by taking a picture or a video, writing a title and setting a price. Now, Bartr users can see your listing, ask you questions, and make you a price or a swap offer. You can share your listing via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or E-mail with your loved ones. Did you find an item you want? Great, because with Bartr, it's quite simple to negotiate and agree upon a price, and where and when to pick-up/drop-off the item. “Login with E-mail, Facebook or Google”

I have problems logging in?

Make sure that you are using the same type of login as you registered with, this could be with Facebook, Google or with your E-mail and password. If you registered with Facebook or Google, go to the login and click on “Login with Facebook” or “Login with Google”. If you registered with your E-mail, enter your E-mail and the password you chose when registering. If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot your password?” and follow the guidelines. When you registered with Facebook, then you cannot get a new password from Bartr and you cannot access Bartr if you delete or deactivate your Facebook account. If you're still not able to login following these steps, please get in touch with our support team.

Why can I register only with Facebook, Google or E-mail plus SMS-confirmation?

Two quick taps on the screen and you are registered via Facebook or Google. It's that fast and simple. Registration with E-Mail + SMS confirmation: To keep Bartr as secure as we can, we require that users registered via E-Mail also confirm her/his identity via an SMS confirmation. While registering, we'll ask you for your mobile number and will send you an SMS with a confirmation link for you to click on.

I don't want to share my location. Can I still use Bartr?

Unfortunately, No! Bartr uses your device location only while using the app, this helps us identify real user and eliminate scammer. You can still explore a variety of items on Bartr and add items to your watchlist without allowing your location services on our desktop app on any PC/Mac browser.

Can I change my profile information after registration?

You may change your E-mail and your profile picture in your personal profile. Your telephone number cannot be changed once created, if you wish to change your number the account associated to it will be deleted. Be careful!

How does selling on Bartr work?

Do you have things that you don't need or want anymore, or want to earn some extra cash? Click on SELL in home screen or on side menu. Upload, Snap or record a video of your actual item, write a title and a short description. Set a fair price – and that is all you need! Bartr uses AI and image recognition to help you speed up the process of listing an item quickly.

What should be sold in Bartr?

On Bartr everything can be sold as long as It is not illegal or prohibited (Please see the list of what is allowed to be sold on Bartr). From your old guitar to your unused concert ticket, Bartr is a platform to find great deals and give a second life to your unused stuff.

How do I set the right price?

Ask yourself the following question: What is the highest price I would pay for the product? The condition of the item and any flaws should be considered when setting the price. You can also check other similar SOLD items on Bartr if found, it can give you a great idea!

How do I receive offers on my listing?

A buyer has a choice to send you an offer (Price or Swap), you can see all received offers in your Message section, where a seller needs to approved them in order to start a chat conversation.

Can I restrict swaps or exchange offers?

You can always edit your item and set it to be exchangeable or not. You can restrict buyers from sending you SWAP offers by setting this feature to off for each item listed on Bartr.

When can I cancel an accepted offer?

You can cancel an accepted offer at anytime by you or the interested buyer. You can do this by deleting the conversation initiated between you and the buyer. We highly recommend you not to cancel your deals several times so it won’t reflect on your ratings and reviews. Remember, deals are only to be accepted between buyers and seller, we do not proceed with any payment gateway for the moment.

How can I reject a received offer?

All your received offer can be seen In your message screen under “Selling” tab section. Note that all pending received offers needs to be accepted in order to initiate a chat between the two parties. If an offer is rejected, the buyer wont be able to contact the seller and the request will be rejected. Please note that if the seller is set to “Public privacy”, the buyer can contact the seller without his approval for any received offers. To change this please go settings menu and change your account privacy.

Can I get in touch with a buyer after I cancelled a deal?

After a deal has been cancelled you can no longer contact the buyer, but you can receive new offers on your item from the same and other users.

How can I set my account for other users to contact me directly?

If you wish to set your account privacy to public, all other users can send you a public offer which will initiate a chat instantly. This means that buyers can contact you directly by chat messages without your initial approval or received offers acceptance.

How can I relist my item after marking it SOLD?

You can simply go to your listings section/SOLD and select the item that you want to relist again by clicking on “Mark unsold”. Remember, that listing your product as sold will still be visible to other users until deleted from your listings. All users that have shown interest in the item prior to the sale will be notified – this will increase your chances of quickly finding a new buyer.

How can I edit my listings?

Go to your product under “My listings” in your side menu, and click “Edit” icon next to the product you wish to edit. You can change information about your ad such as title, description, price and category. After getting an offer on your ad, you may no longer change your price in the ad, but you can make a counter offer to the interested buyer.

Which items are prohibited?

Illegal items are prohibited even at Bartr. Generally, it is not allowed to sell living creatures or food. Moreover, you are not allowed to sell things, that might physically or emotionally damage someone, or are regulated by law, i.e. that are not allowed to be sold to people without a certain license. This is also true for fake/counterfeit products.

Here are some examples of things that are not allowed:

  • Photos that do not show the item or the item is not clearly visible.
  • Internet photos i.e. you have not taken the picture yourself.
  • Item infringes trademarks or copyrights of others (e.g. counterfeit product like fake bags etc.).
  • Item is perishable (food etc.).
  • You are selling a pet outside Germany, Italy, Sweden and the UK.
  • Advertisements.
  • Photo or text containing a reference to another website, app or shop.
  • Items that are defective or of poor quality.
  • Breach of good manners, the law or legal restrictions.
  • Alcohli and tobacco products.
  • Weapons of any kind.

Although ID card printers and their ribbons are allowed, please keep in mind that if you sell it to a person who uses them in an illegal way you will be held legally liable due to the  Specialist Printing Equipment and Materials (Offences) Act.

More information can be found in the General Terms and Conditions.

For services the following content is forbidden:

  • Photos or text containing a reference to another website, app or shop.
  • Offers containing lotteries or roulette systems.
  • Untrustworthy homework-services / photoshoots, multilevel-marketing, referral marketing.
  • Job offers or requests for persons under the age of 14.
  • Offers containing phone numbers with additional charges.
  • Offers selling social network fan pages/likes or followers.
  • Offers of with sexual services or products.
  • Photos or titles and descriptions giving a false impression of the content of the service.
  • Services without an appropriate price or listed with the price of 0.
  • Services containing an internet or catalogue photo.

Can I sell my pets or animals on Bartr?

No! Pets and living creatures are strictly prohibited. All listings with pets may result to an immediate delete of that ad. Bartr uses AI and image recognition to identify pets and animal. If you think that Bartr is detecting a wrong image and you think it is not related to pets or any of the prohibited items mentioned in “Prohibited Products” please contact our support team.

How does buying on Bartr work?

If you know exactly what you want to buy you can use our search function. In order to search more precisely you can add different filters by tapping on the filter button in the top left-hand corner below the search bar.

When you find something you're interested in, from the item screen, you can tap on “Offer” to send a price offer, “Exchange” to send a swap offer with one of your products with an optional personal message to the seller and “Ask a question” to ask a private question. Only when the seller accepts your request you will be able to negotiate and seal the deal. This is a protection we give to seller to be contacted only when he wishes to accept your offer.

Please note that if a seller is set as private, all offers will initiate a chat conversation where a buyer can discuss with the seller instantly.

Does sending an offer means I have to buy the item?

When one of the types of offers or question is accepted by the seller, a chat conversation will initiate in order for both parties to negotiate and agree on a deal. Note that, accepting an offer is not necessarily a binding agreement between the two parties. Buying a specific product on Bartr is based on the buyer decision ONLY. If you see a product you would wish to buy or swap, only by agreeing with the seller and conditions that you may proceed with the purchase.

If the seller accepts your offer, you will have to confirm the deal before purchasing it. You may have to clarify the payment and the shipment method that satisfy both parties.

Also, it is important to inform your partner about foreseeable delays for the deal beforehand. As an example, if you know that you won't be available for a few days because of a trip, it is important for the buyer to know it as well. This way the deal can be followed up by both sides in a satisfying manner.

When should I cancel a deal?

You can cancel a deal only after it has been accepted by seller. However, you can always cancel a request from your “BUYING” tab menu by clicking “Cancel Request” on one of the items requesting an offer on it.

Can I send a new offer to a seller after cancelling a deal?

You can send a new offer to the seller after cancelling the deal. Write a nice message to the seller, and your chances that he/she will accept your offer are higher.

Can I send a private message?

To communicate with a seller you may either ask questions about the item, use the “Offer” or “Exchange” function with a customized question. You may continue that chat after an offer is accepted to agree on a pickup point and other practicalities.

Can I change my offer from price offer to exchange offer?

No! types of offers cannot be change once they are accepted by seller. To change the request, you can either cancel the deal if it got accepted and make a new offer on it. Or, you can cancel the sent request and make a new offer on it once again.

Can I change my price offer sent for an item?

No! We do not support counter price offer for the moment. Once your offer has been accepted, you would ask the seller and negotiate once again the prices if you wish to. Please note that sending offers just to be accepted then offer a low price might result you in negative feedback from sellers. Always offer a reasonable honest price that you would wish to buy it for.

How do I keep an overview over all my listings and items sold?

You can always go to your “My listings” section to see all your items that you have listed in “Selling” tab. If you would wish to see your sold items, please refer to “Sold” tab where you can relist them if you would wish to.

How can I stay updated with hat is going on with my activities?

Bartr has a notification center where it gathers all your activities between sellers and buyers. We notifiy you about important information such as accepted and rejected offers. We also notify you when other important actions are performed on your listed items such as: Adding your items to someone’s wish list, your saved search keywords, when items you are currently bidding for are sold and many other useful information to keep you up to date.

How can I review a user?

After a successful deal (i.e. after the product was paid for/picked up/delivered) you can review him directly below the chat, whereby you can give a total of 5 stars. If you had a nice and smooth transaction with the user he will be happy about receiving 5 stars. :-)

Please don't review a deal too early as a given review indicates that the deal has been completed for you. Often this cannot be changed retrospectively. If you think to have received an unjustified review, then please feel free to contact our support team.

When shall I review a user?

A review marks the deal as complete and should therefore only be submitted after both partners have received their money or the goods. Please don't review a deal too early since it's often not possible to correct this afterwards.

Where can I see my reviews?

In the app please choose “Reviews” – Where you’ll see 2 tabs (Sent & Received reviews)

Next to your profile picture you can see your overall rating. To view each review individually, simply tap on the stars.

Please note that you can always review your sent reviews if you would wish to modify them or delete them. Please note that this is not recommended once it is posted.

I have received an unjustified review. Can it be deleted?

Have you received a bad review even though everything worked out great with the deal? You have a report icon below each review received, click that icon and give us the reason why you think you have received an unfair review. If not, then please get in touch with us and we will look into the case. If the review has been given unjustly from our point of view, we will remove it and inform you.

I have given a wrong review. Can this be corrected?

We want to point out again that we kindly ask you to refrain from reviewing a deal before the transaction has been finalized. Please get in touch with us we will evaluate the review and eventually delete or undo it.

I have an issue with another user. What can I do?

If there are any misunderstandings or problems on a deal then please report this to us via the report-function through the app. In order to report the user please click on the three dots in the top right corner of the app and choose “Report user”.

Important: Please choose the correct reason - this way we'll be able to properly handle your case. Reports through the app have many advantages because we will be provided with all the necessary information especially if there are any uncertainties during the deal.

I want to report a user. When do I pick which reason?

You can report a case by tapping on the three-doted symbol in the top right corner of the chat and selecting “report user”.

I have found a forbidden item. How can I report this?

Should you find a forbidden product while browsing on Bartr then we'd like to ask you to report this directly through the app.

Tap on “report this item” from the 3-dot top menu. Afterwards you'll find a list with all the reasons you can choose from - please pick your reason carefully. It is important to keep in mind that your account can be restricted by reporting something without any real reason or by abusing the function.

Is Bartr also available on desktop version?

Bartr is available as an easy & free classifieds platform available for iOS devices as well as for Android devices (smartphones, tablets) in the Google Play Store. It is also available as a desktop version where you can use our website to buy and sell beautiful things on Bartr.

How can I delete my account?

We would love to keep you as a user! If you really want to leave us, please go to settings under profile settings and chose “Delete Account”. Please give us a reason you would wish to delete your account, in order to serve you better next time.